Does the Christmas season sneak up on you every year and leave you feeling vaguely irritated, guilty, or inadequate, or too peppy with nowhere for your energy to go??

Do you wish you could create a really fantastic Christmas experience for your kids but you don’t really know where to start?

Do you feel conflicted, because you feel like it’s all too religious or not religious enough and you don’t feel like you’re hitting the spot you want to hit in the middle of all the cultural confusion?

Do you kind of just want to hibernate through the whole season and wake up in January?

Buy the Get Christmased workbook instead!

Get Christmased: Create the Christmas season that works for you and your family is a 120-page workbook (available in paperback or to buy or borrow on Kindle or the free Kindle app) that leads you through all the steps you need to create a December that feels good to you.

Safe for Christians, atheists, Jewish people, anyone of any belief system who wants to create a more meaningful experience for the whole Christmas season.  

This is for you if you:

  • know how you feel about Christmas or don't know how you feel about Christmas or have known knowns, known unknowns, or unknown unknowns
  • have any interest in observing or marking the Christmas season or being ok with the Christmas season, even if you don't celebrate Christmas per se
  • have kids of any age (whether they celebrate Christmas or not) or don't have kids
  • are straight, gay, or anywhere on or off the continuum
  • are single, married, partnered, divorced, partnered with the other parent of your children, partnered with someone who isn't the parent of your children, "it's complicated," or anything else
  • want a little more personal peace and less stress through the long Christmas season

This is not for you if you:

  • ignore everything about Christmas, religious and secular and cultural


"I have been beating myself up for YEARS about not making the same magical Christmas my mom made for us and this forced me to let go of my anger at myself, just a little, and think about what my kids really want." --Kelly, Ottawa


In the workbook we:

  • Uncover your ideas about Christmas
  • Identify all the things about Christmas that can be problematic
  • Discuss important concepts that might help you bring ease to your Christmas season
  • Present some holidays that overlap with Christmas that might be of use to you
  • Create a Christmas for your kids that is as great as the ones you had growing up, or better
  • Identify what you want the Xmas season to feel like
  • Make a plan for Christmas, including choosing meaningful themes and activities
  • Write it all down in a master sheet to keep track of it

You know you want it. You know you need it. You can have it. It’s only US$9.95 for paperback or US$3.49 for Kindle version. (Or free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited members--if you borrow it and open all the pages and read it, I still make money, so borrow away if you're a member of KU.)

It’ll take you a couple of days to work through, so buy now and you’ll be ready to go when the Christmas season starts. You probably want a little notebook to write your answers to all the questions in, unless you want to write in the hard copy or make notes on the Kindle version.

Testimonials about the workbook:

"The Get Christmased Workbook is a wonderful tool to help guide you through the holiday season. As a parent in an interfaith family, we often have to wade through the issues of Christmases past for me, and nonChristmases past for my Jewish husband. Add our Jewish children in the mix and my Christian family, life gets complex.

By putting forth a series of guided questions, Magda Pecsenye's workbook allowed me to examine what is truly important to me as a parent and person during the Christmas season. I am able to move toward this year's holiday season without the fear and tension (okay with less tension) of the past.

This exercise does take some time, but it is well worth it to stop and really examine what the meaning of November and December should be for yourself. The best part is that there are no wrong answers."

-- Nancy W. Boston MA


"The Get Christmased Family Workbook felt like it was written just for me. I love Christmas but each year I feel like i'm struggling to regain my childhood joy and wonder from underneath a pile of obligations and stress.

This year after doing the workbook (which took me about an hour with my coffee while the kids were at school/preschool) I feel like i have a plan, I know what I can get done and what I can let go. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving instead of feeling like i haven't prepared enough (even though I haven't started buying presents yet or anything). Once I went through the workbook I discovered a few things stressing me out that I hadn't realized were adding to my stress, and was able to decide how to deal with them so I didn't have that underlying stress (hint: family drama).

I also think we're going to have a couple new traditions this year - one will be a daily "family cleanup" time where the kids will help clean in exchange for $2, $1 will be for their siblings' gifts and one will go to charities for needy children. This will help my goal of stressing less about disastrous house messes and will hopefully help the kids' view of Christmas from going too far off the TOYS TOYS TOYS deep end. Another will be using our advent wreath each day instead of just on Sundays as an extension of Candletime so that we can enjoy the quiet anticipation I love about December. Neither of these traditions would have come to me without the workbook's inspiration, and I'm really looking forward to putting them into practice.

I highly recommend this workbook if you feel overwhelmed or stressed by the holiday season!"

--Leah C. (@lakeline) 


"I didn't think I really needed this workbook. I've spent years getting to a place where my celebration of Christmas makes me happy (heck, I've had the spare emotional energy in the past few years to be able to start getting over my indignation at stores putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.) I also am in an interfaith relationship with a partner who has learned to love the parts of Christmas that I love, but who has no inclination to push me to do anything I don't love during the holiday. And while I miss my family, who live 3000 miles away, I miss them just as much in August as I do in December, and have ways to work through those feelings (chatting online helps, now that they've all gotten around to getting internet access).

The first time I read through the workbook, I kept thinking to myself, "Wow! I wish I had had this workbook ten years ago, when I still needed it." And so my first impression was that it's a great workbook for anyone who hasn't already gotten to a place where their Christmas fills them with joy (or at least doesn't bug the heck out of them--I respect peoples' right not to find joy in the holiday).

Then we had Thanksgivukkah, and as I was standing in the kitchen, exhausted after a week of shopping and cooking and cleaning, listening to my mother-in-law bitch about how we don't turn the heat up high enough and how she wanted ALL THE ATTENTION ALL THE TIME WHO CARES THAT THERE ARE CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE OF OR FOOD TO COOK WHY AREN'T YOU DROPPING EVERYTHING TO PAY ATTENTION TO ME... yeah, it was right about then that I realized I would benefit from the sections of the workbook about family.

So, in the brief lull between Chanukkah and Christmas, I think I will take some time to really work through that part of the workbook. And I think it will help, because the advice in the other parts of the book pretty much matches with what I've figured out on my own through trial and error."

--Julia, New York